Counter Challenge is a fun, smart, engaging game which cleverly blends together elements of Chess, Draughts and basic numerical skills to produce a unique game of maths and tactics.


It's user friendly features provide immediate support for players to focus on the merits of this game, which has the potential to develop

these skills within an exciting, enjoyable structure, justifying our view that it is more than just a game.


Our package offers three separate games involving Addition, Subtraction and Division. Multiplication covering every combination of the standard tables is a major factor in all three modes.


Our mobile version has been developed from the origins of our board game, created in 2002, and our software version completed in 2010 (View site). Each mode offers two options, Player vs Player and Virtual Player with two options 'Easy' and 'Difficult'. That’s Counter Challenge; Easy to pick up,hard to put down.



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